" Hi Marissa, Thanks for your help. You did a great job! I will definitely ask for you in the future. Take care, Rich "
  Regards, Richard
  Harvard, USA
" Hi Sarah, you asked to be notified when my book, "Irresistible Divine Intervention" was out. It is now available. Looks great. And thanks to you it reads great. Response has been gratifying. I will be contacting you shortly for my next book, which is 90% complete, "Your Hideaway" with subtitle, "the place of treasure trove". Trusting all is well with you and yours. Sincerely,"
  Regards, Patrick
" trusted your services"
  Regards, Denise
  Garwood, USA
" Hi Sarah! Thanks for all your hard work. Thank you very much to Book Editing Services for all the input and feedback and excellent editing I have received. Jane "
  Regards, Jane
  Hastings, United Kingdom
" Thank you very much Ken...You've done a great editing job. Have a beautiful weekend, all of you."
  Regards, Marian