" Hi Marissa, Thanks for your help. You did a great job! I will definitely ask for you in the future. Take care, Rich "
  Regards, Richard
  Harvard, USA
" You did a superb job! Thank you. With regard to the quotes, should I name a few authors or let it go. I am VERY familiar with plagiarism:). Please let me know the next steps and I will gladly move again. Again, many. many thanks. Ann "
  Regards, Ann
  Louisville, USA
" This is the first time trying to publish a book. I am very excited about this project. It's was my life's dream to write a book and I already contacted a publisher who wants to get my work out and published in a few months. Your editing service was great in making this dream of mine come true! I feel good that I have a successful manuscript in my hands. Thank you!!"
  Regards, Sunshine
  Orlando, USA
" Good Afternoon Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, as well as your thorough work on my manuscript. I incorporated most of your recommendations to strengthen the story a little more. I am pleased to have read that you experienced the reaction to my story as this is my hope for other readers. I will let you know when the book is published so you and your friends can enjoy it at your leisure. I’m going to write an introduction chapter to explain how I came about with the idea of the story. I don’t believe that will need to be edited as it is not that long. In addition, I will follow all the learnings that you provided in the edited manuscript. Thanks, again, for everything you’ve done for me."
  Regards, Matt
  Hartford, USA
" I would just like to say thank you to Marlene for doing such a fantastic job on my MS. Her suggestions were great (well spotted Marlene!) It reads great and flows perfectly. i am very happy. Kind regards Dawn"
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