" Wonderful Job Jefferson! Very nicely polished. Yes, I know this article was really quite a mess, it had been sitting there for almost a year now, and I was so busy lately that I did not have time to correct it and/or restructure it, so after a quick look at it I sent it to be edited by you guys, this way I thought it would have been easier for me to understand where it needed to be fixed, so I could make the appropriate changes. I followed your advice and fixed the article as suggested, it should be ok now! Thank you very much for the inputs, very useful! and thank you also for your words, they help! I've got another book coming up, so we'll talk soon again! All the best Akim Italy"
  Regards, Achim
  Quinto Vicentino, Italy
" I recieved it and am very happy with all of the changes!! *:)) laughing Thank you for your time, I will be sending the second novel for some work soon! Hopefully Marlene can edit that one as well!"
  Regards, Kelly
  Grass Valley, USA
" Thanks very much for your efforts and kind comments.If indeed you did enjoy reading it, it's a great inspiration for me as in your work you must read many books and have a very clear perspective. I write from my heart and will always so do, that's why I sought an editor with soul to support me and its seems that 'The lady has smiled on me'."
  Regards, Paul
  Fuengirola, Spain
" My editor did a great and excellent job in supporting me to get the book ready to be sent to some agents. For me it was quite a challenge to translate the book to English, but with her professional support, I am sure the story is as good as it is in Dutch! "
  Regards, Annelies
  Bussum, Netherlands
" The work was did quickly and well. I would recommend this service to anyone who is in need of an editor."
  Regards, William
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