" I enjoyed the personal comments. They were both helpful and encouraging. I am going to try to get the same editor for my second novel."
  Regards, Curtis
  Montreal, Canada
" Thank you Alison for your kind remarks. I appreciate all the work you did on my book. It has been a wonderful experience. Best wishes, Perry"
  Regards, Perry
  Boise, USA
" Thanks very much for your efforts and kind comments.If indeed you did enjoy reading it, it's a great inspiration for me as in your work you must read many books and have a very clear perspective. I write from my heart and will always so do, that's why I sought an editor with soul to support me and its seems that 'The lady has smiled on me'."
  Regards, Paul
  Fuengirola, Spain
" This is the first time trying to publish a book. I am very excited about this project. It's was my life's dream to write a book and I already contacted a publisher who wants to get my work out and published in a few months. Your editing service was great in making this dream of mine come true! I feel good that I have a successful manuscript in my hands. Thank you!!"
  Regards, Sunshine
  Orlando, USA
" I have just finished going over the the editor's edit of my manuscript. Great job I really appreciate his expertise and professionalism."
  Regards, Luther
  Bigfork, USA