" Hi Jo, Thank you very much, I was very excited to read my story they way it should be, great job on the editing, I will make the recommended changes and explanations you suggested. Regards Kiri "
  Regards, Kiri
  oakleigh, Australia
" Dear Editors! Please thank Joanne for her work. As usual, she is honest and good at what she does. Based on her work and observations of book two, I can see that I have improved a lot. Now I can’t wait to send her book three, which is better that two. For Joanne, two is better than one, and Now I’m excited to hear her saying three is better than two. Please share my email with her. Regards, "
  Regards, Gregory
  London, United Kingdom
" Okay, I previously sent an email asking four questions on how to get through your edit. Well, since then, I figured it out, and, more importantly, your work is outstanding! I am so grateful for all that you have done, thank you so much! Sincerely, Danny Armour "
  Regards, Danny
  Indio, USA
" My editor was very good. To be honest with you I was expecting more errors. There were only two "track changes" that I didn't accept. Montreal Canadiens hockey team is spelled the French way rather than Canadians. And Hypnotic Poison is a name of a perfume so I had to keep it capitalized. However, I noted the confusion and wrote "Dior's Hypnotic Poison". Everything else was very good and I learned a lot! Thank you very much."
  Regards, Michelle
  Vancouver, Canada
" Thank you so much. I will not only use you again in my subsequent projects but will readily recommend you to my friends. Amelia."
  Regards, Amelia